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  • Stuffed Fillet of Pork

    Stuffed Fillet of Pork

    This is the kind of dish that you could easily find on any Restaurant Menu, but is so easy to make at home and looks so impressive. The perfect match of Pork & Apple is very hard to beat and on the plus side there's not a huge list of ingredients to trawl through, always a bonus in my book!

    This is what you need:
    2 pork fillets, 8 slices of parma ham...serves 2 as a cosy Valentines Supper indoors

    For the stuffing:
    1 Apple, 1 red onion, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 1 tbsp breadcrumbs

    For the Sauce:
    12 fl oz apple juice
    1 tbsp plain flour
    1tbsp crème fraiche (Rachels Organic is my preferred choice)

    This is what you do:-
    First of all make your stuffing, by simply chopping all the ingredients finely, to be the same-ish size. Start by frying off the onions & bacon and finally toss in the apple to give it a little bit of colouring. Pop these in a bowl and add your breadcrumbs and mix them all together, leave to one side whilst you now concentrate on your pork.

    Firstly make a cut lengthways down the end of each fillet & open it out (dont cut completely through the fillet! You'll be left with 2 halves!) Then make another cut down the open flaps, which should make the fillet lie on your board flat.

    This then allows you plenty of room to lay your stuffing and spread along the pork, roll it all very tightly back up and then take your slices of Parma Ham, lie them down on the board making sure they are slightly overlapping each other, then take your rolled fillet and encase it with the ham, securing it together with cocktail sticks.

    Now for the cooking:-
    Brown off both fillets in a frying pan for 5 or 6 minutes and then simply place on a baking tray an pop them into your oven at 200C for approximately 40 minutes.

    Once they are cooked you can cover them with foil and keep them warm whilst you make the sauce.

    Take the same tray you used for baking off the Pork and add the flour to this, scraping up all the lovely porky juices that will add some lovely flavour to the sauce, on the hob, start to slowly add your apple juice and leave it to bubble away for 5 minutes so it reduces until finally adding in the crème fraiche at the end.

    To serve:
    Cut the pork into rounds and stack them onto the plate, I love to serve these with some saute potatoes and lovely steamed spring cabbage!


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