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  • Cider Baked Ham with Orange Sauce

    Celebrate a Swedish Christmas

    This is one of our most requested cooked meats for many of our Crumbles Catering events and is also what I shall be making on Christmas Eve, we love a breakfast of Ham and Eggs on Christmas Day morning and then it is perfect for a Boxing Day Brunch with salads and pickles and even for lovely filled rolls.

    Enjoy all your festive feasting and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

    Cider Baked Ham with Orange Sauce

    1 Whole Ham
    1 stick of celery
    2 carrots
    1 Large onion
    Handful of peppercorns
    Can of Cider
    2 Oranges
    3 tbsp Demerara sugar
    20-30 cloves

    First you start by boiling the ham in water along with the celery, carrots, onions and peppercorns for 4 hours. Keep topping up the water so the whole ham is covered during this time.

    Once cooked, then remove from the pan and remove the string as well as the top layer of skin taking care to leave the fat on. Then score the fat in a criss cross pattern and place in a deep roasting tray. Sprinkle the fat with the sugar and place the cloves in a pattern on the criss crosses. Then drizzle over the juice of one orange and empty the can of cider into the bottom of the tray.

    Place in an oven at 175C for approx 40 minutes until the top of the ham is golden brown. This can be made up to 2 days in advance.

    To make the sauce simply reduce all the liquid in the bottom of the roasting pan until it becomes thicker and then transfer to a jug to drizzle over the carved meat. Garnish with slices of the remaining orange.

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