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Brownie Butter

What they're saying about Brownie Butter

"THE spread of 2017" - Olive Magazine January 2017

"Outrageous new product alert...... Gower Cottage Brownies has launched a range of brownie ‘butters’; essentially their extremely good brownies in spreadable or pourable form." - Jay Rayner (The Guardian Sunday 22nd January)

The Gower Cottage Brownie Butter Collection

BB threesome

 We'd like to extend a warm chocolatey welcome to the new members of the Gower Cottage family, namely our Brownie Butter Collection. With 3 delicious flavours to elicit the chocaholic in even the coldest heart. You can now choose from our trio of butters. Starting with the Original Brownie Butter, our zesty Orange Brownie Butter, and finally our Blondie Butter, a smooth and creamy white chocolate salted caramel spread. Which one to go for, the choice is yours, but why choose, when you can spoil yourself and have all three.

Why not add a jar of Blondie Butter to your order of Original Brownies, and drizzle some warmed Blondie Butter over your brownies to create your very own Salted Caramel Brownies.

 The Original Brownie Butter

brownie butter jars

butter in jars

Gower Cottage Brownie Butter evokes memories of scraping out the cake mixing bowl as a child, and can be used as a rich creamy chocolate sauce for ice cream. As a fondue / dip with fresh fruit, warm over waffles, pancakes or any other dreamy dessert you can think of.

Made with our unique blend of high quality Belgian chocolate, fresh double cream, butter and syrup, coupled with the same attention to detail that brought you Gower Cottage Brownies, you know that this will be a treat worth savouring.



Orange Brownie Butter

How about our dreamy chocolate orange brownie butter, the same unctious chocolatey ingredients with the addition of a high quality orange oil extract to give you that extra zesty kick. Chocolate Orange brownie in a jar.

blondie butterBlondie Butter

If white chocolate is your thing, then you'll love our new blondie butter. A sublime blend of high quality white chocolate, fresh double cream, syrup, butter and a hint of Halen Mon Sea Salt to give that morish salted caramel flavour. How about pouring warmed Blondie Butter over Gower Cottage Brownies, served with cold ice cream! Or is that too decadent. 


halen mon



Recipe suggestions

How about warming up a few spoons of Original Brownie Butter in the microwave and pouring over Ice Cream.

Spread a layer of Blondie Butter, topped with Original Brownie Butter on shortbread to create the most decadent Millionaire's shortbread ever.

Spread Original Brownie Butter on a pizza base, cover with sliced banana and dot with marshmallows before baking to perfection.

If you're feeling adventurous why not try making your own exquisite truffles.

truffle making

With lightly oiled hands, take a teaspoon of Brownie Butter, and form into a small ball. Then roll in chopped nuts, high quality cocoa powder, or even chill in the freezer and dip in melted white chocolate. Serve chilled with some nice coffee and you'll have the perfect end to the evening. P.S. your secret's safe with us, when you say you made them all yourself!


 How about a Brownie Butter Banana split!banana split









 Wedding Favours

 Why not have our Blondie & Brownie butter wedding favours as a special his'n'hers treat in mini(1.5oz) jars on your special dayweddingfavours







How about some of these great ideas from @JulieDodds


bb pudding pavlovaberry


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