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The Brownerie

As our name suggests, the baking started in the kitchen at home at Gower Cottage. Kate started selling our family favourite brownies in our local village store in 2007, after someone tried them at a village event and fell for them, hard, we were in business.


Doing business our way

We know that many businesses will have lengthy statements about their sustainability efforts and things like corporate social responsibility.
We don’t.
We just believe in doing the right thing, in doing what we can for others, whether that’s family and friends, our local community, a bit further afield or the planet.

Sustainability our way
A lot of the stuff we do came out of starting as a tiny business. The big companies don’t want to know you when you’re little. Which turns out to be okay, even as we’ve become a bigger business.
We also didn’t have masses of cash to spend on fancy packaging, which is how we ended up with recycled cardboard packs that you can recycle easily. And now we could afford more, the question is why would we? The environment doesn’t need more packaging.

Buying local
Again, when we were small(er), it made sense to work with other small local businesses. It just gave us more flexibility. And we’ve stuck with that. We source our eggs and butter almost as locally as we can get them. We don’t use palm oil, as there’s no need to when the local butter is this good.
Sugar’s a bit more tricky as the Welsh climate doesn’t really lend itself to cultivating it here. But what we do use is try and work with companies who have a similar commitment to ensuring we do no harm.

Supporting our local community
People local to us were the first to try Gower Cottage Brownies and to give us a big thumbs up. The majority of our elves are from round here, and they make sure we keep brownies flowing out the door.
So it’s only polite and good sense to support our local community, whether that’s the local rugby club (come on South Gower) or donating to the local school so they could buy laptops for kids who were having a hard time with homeschooling.
It’s just what you do in our book.

Chocolate tastes better when it’s fair

We buy our chocolate from Callebaut in Belgium.
Their chocolate comes from 100% sustainable cocoa, supporting farmers and their communities in Africa.

They would say their work turns farmers into cocoa craftspeople, empowers female farmers, and develops the next generation of young farmers.

We say it’s the best tasting chocolate for our money, and even more so when you know all of that is going on behind the scenes.

To find out more why not go to https://www.callebaut.com/en-GB/sustainable