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Frequently Asked Questions - Deliveries

Do you send an invoice/bill with the brownies?

No, we don't send any invoice or billing information with the brownies. As many of you are sending these as gifts, please rest assured that no billing information is sent with the brownies. The only thing we send are your brownies all packaged up beautifully, along with the gift card & ingredients.

Oops, I've made a mistake in my order

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have spotted a mistake on your order.

If you have an account on the webstore then you can modify your order up to 1 hour after it was made.

If your brownies are still with us at Gower Cottage then we can usually make any requested changes before they ship out.

Once they have left us and are with the courier then making any changes can be a bit of a lottery.

The best option is for you to follow the link provided in the couriers email and manage your delivery from there.

You can usually make changes to the delivery address, recipient name, specify where to leave safe or even to deliver to a neighbour.

Unfortunately once the brownies have left us we are unable to accept liability for any mistakes that were made during the ordering process, but will try our best to help resolve any issues.

Can I choose a delivery date?

Yes, usually you can choose your preferred date. If you order before 10 am then for most places we can get brownies there for the next day. For the Scottish Highlands and Islands as well as Northern Ireland then it would be the day after that.

So, even at Christmas time, I can choose my date?

There’s always an exception.

If you’re early enough, then our last delivery day is December 22nd. But the Brownie Elves and the ovens can only make so many brownies a day, so we do close the order book for particular days when it’s full. This sometimes applies at other busy times, such as Mother’s Day.

If in doubt, order early!

If you’re treating yourself, then remember our brownies do freeze well, ready to be enjoyed whenever you like during your Christmas festivities.

How long does it take to deliver in the UK?

If you order before 10 am, for the majority of orders, the delivery of your brownies will be the next day. If you order after 10 am then they’ll arrive within 2 days. We’re sure you’re used to this, but if you’re ordering for the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, IOM etc then it can take up to an extra 2 days for brownies to arrive. They’ll still be in excellent condition though, as the brownies have a shelf life of 10 days and leave us on the day we bake them.

Will my order definitely arrive on the day I’ve chosen?

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee any delivery dates.

We work very hard to ensure we ship from our end on time, and the couriers do everything they can to have it there when we said it would be. We all know that sometimes things happen beyond our control, whether it’s snowy weather or chocolate being spilt over the road (not us, but it did happen).

Deliveries requested for Monday will ship from us on friday afternoon (don't worry each box leaves us fresh from the ovens and has a best before of 10 days and so will be in perfect condition when they arrive). However, due to the huge increase in shipments seen by all the couriers many DPD depots have to work weekends just to try and keep up. This does mean that inevitably some monday deliveries will be made on a Saturday/sunday.

A bit like with Christmas, if in doubt, order early. If you’re ordering for something like a wedding or birthday party, then we’d suggest you consider having the delivery a day or two before the event. With a shelf life of 10 days, you will always get to enjoy our brownies in perfect condition.

How are the brownies delivered?

We usually use a next working day delivery service with a nationwide courier company. They know they’re delivering perishable goods, and they make every effort to ensure delivery of the brownies happens on time. If you’re sending a gift to someone and can provide their contact information, if there are any problems the driver will try to make contact to ensure delivery.

For the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, IOM etc, we ship by First Class Royal Mail. This can take an extra day or two.


Can I add a personalised message to my order?

Of course. When you get to the checkout stage, you’ll be able to enter your message there. Just a bit of advice if you’re sending the brownies to someone else: don’t forget to tell them who it’s from in your message! You would not believe how many times we’ve had people ring up to ask where they’ve come from!

Unless, of course, you’re a secret admirer. That would blow your cover a bit. But for everyone else, remember to include your name!

What time will my brownies be delivered?

If they’re coming with our courier service, then it can be any time between 8 am and 8 pm. However, the courier will give you a two-hour delivery timeslot update on the day they’re going to deliver them.

Can I change my order?

If your order is still with us here at the Brownie Barns, we’ll do everything we can to help you make any amends. Unfortunately, if the courier has already picked it up, then we’re unable to make any changes. Give us a ring or drop us an email if in doubt.

Do the brownies need signing for?

No, the driver won’t need a signature. If you can provide us with any information on a safe place to leave them if no one is home that’s always helpful.

How much does delivery cost?

All our prices include free UK delivery.

How much does delivery cost?

All our prices include free UK delivery.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Unfortunately not, as we’ve yet to find a courier who can ensure the brownies will arrive in perfect condition by guaranteeing delivery dates.

Frequently Asked Questions - Brownies

What is the shelf life of your brownies?

We bake all the brownies on the day of dispatch, and they have a best before date of 10 days from the day we send them. Anyone rarely has any last that long once they arrive

I can’t see my favourite flavour on the website. Have you stopped making some?

Some of our flavours are seasonal specials so you may not find them every time you stop by. To be first to know when the seasonal flavours are released then make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter or follow us on social media for the latest news.

How many calories are in each brownie?

Honestly, if you’re counting calories, and we hate to say this, but these are probably not the treat for you. We don’t make any claims of them being healthy, and we pack the best chocolate and butter into every brownie.

If you really want to know, prepare yourself, and you can check out the full nutritional content of each different flavour brownie on the individual page.

But truly, we suggest not looking and just enjoying today. Skimp tomorrow.

Can the brownies be frozen?

Yes, they freeze very well. If you’re keeping the brownies for yourself, then we recommend wrapping them individually before freezing. That way, you can just take out as many as you need at a time.

If you’ve bought the brownies as a gift to give at a later date, then we suggest taking them out of the box and tissue paper, then freezing them in their tied greaseproof paper pack. You can then take them out the freezer and reassemble the gift when you’re ready to give them.

Are your brownies suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Gower Cottage Brownies are suitable for vegetarians. As we use butter and eggs in our brownies, then they are not suitable for vegans, however we have just introduced our first Vegan brownie, and hope to bring some more flavours in the coming months. You can search for Vegan brownies from the drop down menu above.

Do your brownies contain nuts?

Some of our brownies deliberately contain nuts, like the Chocolate Walnut Brownie. Most flavours don’t, but we make them in a kitchen handling nuts. If you want to see the full nutritional and allergen information for our brownies and brownie butters, please click here.

Do you make a gluten-free brownie?

We offer our original Gower Cottage Brownie made with gluten-free flour. We do make them in a kitchen handling regular wheat flour, so the brownies can’t be classified as gluten-free, but are made from gluten-free ingredients. If you want to see the full nutritional and allergen information for our products, please click here.

What is the nutritional content of your brownies?

You can find the full nutritional and allergen content of all our products on the individual product page, just beneath the description.